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​We provide training and support for doulas to enable them to help women have calmer, easier labors so they can enter motherhood with confidence.

Please note - we are NOT an agency. Each doula sets her own fees. We want to help you find a doula who you connect with, knowing she will help you and your partner throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum..

In helping to fulfill DONA's mission of "A doula for every woman who wants one", the women we have trained have different levels of experience, different price points, and work in different locations. 

They have all undergone extensive training and are excellent doulas and come highly recommended by Your Best Birth.  What all of these doulas have in common is the knowledge, skill, and desire to help and support women and their partners through labor. Whether your birth goes exactly as planned or takes a few detours, your birth doula will help you navigate your labor and have your best birth.  As an additional benefit, all of our doulas, regardless of experience level, have access to Dorothy or Jessica, who each have attended over 225 births and are doula trainers.  You get the benefit of Dorothy and Jessica's experience even if it is your doula's very first birth!

What's your next step?  Read through the information on the doulas in your area, see which doulas seem like they would be a good fit for you, and contact them for more information. They all offer a no obligation interview in order to meet in person.

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