Serving Central New Jersey -

Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean

counties and surrounding areas

​We provide training and support for doulas to enable them to help women have calmer, easier labors so they can enter motherhood with confidence.

1. Will this class prepare me for an unmedicated/natural birth?

Yes. Our students report that taking these classes not only equipped them with plenty of hands on techniques, comfort measures and tips necessary to cope with contractions but the information provided helped eased their fear and tension. Moreover, by recognizing where they were in the process, they were better able to pace themselves and avoid the fatigue that often leads to the need for medication.

#2. What if I’m planning on requesting an epidural?

Taking these classes will help you manage contractions until medication is available. In addition, you'll learn the best time to receive medication to avoid further intervention. Plus, you'll get tips on how to minimize any side effects and keep labor progressing.

#3. What if I don’t know what type of birth I want? This is all new to me.

It’s not uncommon to not know what you want, after all, most people don’t think about birth until they’re expecting. We’re here to lay out your options and help you discover YOUR birth preferences (hence our name, “Your Best Birth”).

#4. What if this isn’t my first birth? Won't a quick refresher be enough?

Welcome! We teach expectant parents, aspiring doulas, nurses, mothers of many and everyone is surprised by just how much they learn. Why is this? As Lamaze Educators, our classes reflect the most current evidence-based information available; and though birth is as old as time, research and policies are constantly changing standard practice. Plus, as birth doulas we bring the experience of having attended 450+ births allowing us to share observations not typically cited in books or standard classes (such as the most common labor pattern variations).

#5. Isn’t Lamaze basically a breathing method?

You mean the "hee hee" breathing? That hasn’t been a staple of Lamaze since the 70s. Here are some other common myths about Lamaze.

Lamaze’s isn’t a method but rather a philosophy centered around The Six Healthy Birth Practices and evidence-based care. The goal of Lamaze classes is to "increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth.”

#6. Can I come without a partner?

Yes. We're happy to step in for any hands-on practice.

#7. Can I bring someone other than a partner? Like my mom?

Sure! Particularly if you’ve invited them to your birth.

#8. Is this class all lecture and videos (aka boring)?

Nope. Having become Lamaze educators through the adult learning style class "Passion For Birth", we know that lecture isn’t the most effective way to transfer or retain info so we’re sure to keep your attention through various teaching methods.

#9. Is this class going to make my partner uncomfortable (like role play embarrassing situations)?

Of course! No. We're kidding. While we like to keep the classes fun, we aren’t out to make anyone uncomfortable. Any role play is strictly volunteer (or done by us).