​We provide preparation and support to help women have calmer, easier labors so they can enter motherhood with confidence.

Serving Central New Jersey -

Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean

counties and surrounding areas


" If we had not attended your class, I don't think we would have had the confidence to do it as we first planned, naturally without an epidural or pain meds....so thank you so much and I will recommend the class to any friend who is having a baby and is looking for direction." S.C

"we would like to thank both of you for the wonderful classes that you guys had... we really feel that they gave us a lot of knowledge about what we were getting into and gave us the tools we needed to get through the many different obstacles we could have faced. " B.P.

"The class helped us recognize the signs that labor was going quickly, provided useful tools for coping with the pain, allowed us to make an informed decision declining an episiotomy, and helped Robin to get off to a good start breastfeeding. " S.M. 

"Thanks so much for being such great teachers! We both really enjoyed and learned so much from your class.  Also all the handouts and materials you gave us were very helpful to us when we were reviewing things in the weeks leading up to my due date." S.C.

"The whole experience was rather amazing...very intense.  My husband was so great helping me get through the entire birth without any interventions- thanks to your classes!  The information and practical guidance from you both made my ideal birth possible.  Thank you, thank you!" K.S.

"Thanks to your class, labor wasn't nearly as scary as I had anticipated. As it was progressing I really felt like I understood what was happening... I felt very empowered and informed after taking your class. Thanks again!" S.H.

​​Our Childbirth Classes - Choose one or choose them all!  All classes are 3 hours long.  Each class stands alone, and you can take the classes in any order you wish.

Take all four classes for a complete Lamaze childbirth education series 

Pricing-      One class -            $75  

                    Two classes -      $135 (you save $15)

                    Three classes -   $195 (you save $30)

                    All four classes - $225 (BEST VALUE!  You save $75)

Choose your class dates when registering.  

Dates listed are for February - June 2019

Please contact us for later dates.

Birth Basics 101 . This class reviews the typical progress of labor but also teaches you common variations -  including how to recognize them and what coping techniques work best with each variation.

Dates Offered - February 17, March 17, or April 28

Comfort Measures  This  class demonstrates and provides practice for various positions, relaxation exercises, types of touch, and use of tools, including use of the birth ball and rebozo, to create effective coping rituals. Partners will learn when and how to apply what they’ve learned. 

Dates Offered -  February 24, March 24, or May 5

The Hospital Experience   This class will prepare you for unexpected circumstances.  You will learn the benefits, risks, and alternatives to common interventions as well as how to lower your risk of needing a cesarean and what to do to have a positive cesarean birth.  You will also learn effective ways to communicate with your care providers, navigating any detours from your ideal birth while minimizing risk and maintaining birth satisfaction. Putting together a birth plan is also covered in this class. 

Dates Offered -  March 3, March 31, or May 19  

Life After Baby Classcovers breastfeeding, common newborn procedures, and the postpartum time after birth.

Dates Offered -   March 10, April 7, or June 2


What makes Your Best Birth (YBB) classes so unique?

*We focus on the topics couples find most useful for birth, and allow you to choose only the classes that meet your needs. Take one class, two, or all four. You decide what you need and what works best for your schedule. For example - 

Took a hospital class but want more hands on training? Take our Comfort Measures class. 
Took a homebirth class but want more information on the hospital, just in case of a transfer?  Take our class on The Hospital Experience.
This is your 2nd baby and you are looking for a refresher class?  Take our Birth Basics 101 class.
Looking for a breastfeeding class?  Take our Breastfeeding, the Newborn, and Postpartum Life class

*When all four classes are scheduled, this is a complete Lamaze childbirth series.  

*YBB classes can be taken in any order.  Each class is independent and doesn't depend on information from any previous class.

*YBB classes allow for flexible scheduling.  Want to take all 4 classes in one month?  Or do you prefer to spread them out over several months?  You can choose the class dates that work best for your schedule.

*Our classes are fun, informative, and practical.  You will laugh, learn, and walk away with cheat sheets for partners to help them remember crucial information.  With our 3 hour classes you have ample time to learn and absorb the information through various teaching methods with less lecture and more fun.

*Our classes are taught by childbirth experts Dorothy and Jessica.  They have attended over 200 births each and have each had 5 children.  They are up-to-date on current hospital protocol and practices and maintain a current Lamaze certification. 

YBB classes receives a high satisfaction rating from past class participants, who often recommend our classes to friends, family, and co-workers. A recent class member says, "Ryan and I both agree that taking your classes was the best money spent preparing for the birth of our daughter.  I felt so much better knowing what to expect. Thank you both for giving us the tools we needed to make our birth such an exciting and relatively stress-free experience."